New! Beached Bunny Hunt 7 – PIXEL CREATIONS Gifts Preview

******* New Gift from [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS *******

Beached Bunny Hunt 7

July 03 – 31


[PC] Little Paradise – Decor (Menudriven)

Taxi to [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS Mainstore.

Hunt hints are at the info board by the store entrance.

Happy hunting & enjoy!!! :-)


PIXEL CREATIONS @Honey I Shrunk The Cart Sale + Hunt

I Heart the Cart Presents:

Honey I Shrunk The Cart Sale + Hunt

July 01 – 31

New & exclusively at this event:

[PC] Fiore – Frames with stand

New & exclusively for the hunt:

[PC] Summer Lake Sunset – Window

**2L$ hunt gift**


Don’t miss these offers & gifts – only @ the cart sale.

Direct TP:

More info & Hunt hints:

I hope you enjoy! 🙂



PIXEL CREATIONS @ enMESHed Monthly – July Sneak Peek

enMESHed Monthly – July 2017 is coming soon. Last day to pre order your box at a discounted price.

EM is a monthly subscription box service in Second Life. Every month ten designers will create a mystery item just for you and place them in one big box. For 900L$ You can get this box delivered right to your inventory.

Only two more days until the enMESHed Monthly Is released. Hurry and get it for only 900L after that it will go up to 1500L.

Find out how to get your box ->

enMESHed Monthly Headquarters

or visit the webpage

Don’t miss it & enjoy!

PIXEL CREATIONS @Spring Cleaning Event

Spring Cleaning – Event

June 19 – 30

Our special offer – only here!

[PC] Faro – Bistro Set (Sun)

Price of Hunt Item: L$ 99

Price at event: L$ 199
Price regular in store: L$ 499

Over 35 Designers have come together and put out items for you.
There are two ways to shop.

Once there you look at each of the designers items they have out.
Some have made an exclusive item just for the event some have put out an older item at a discount.

Now you have a choice to make, You can either buy it there OR if you want a big discount on that item you can grab a Lm and Hint At each of their vendor spots, these lm will take you to their main store or a place you need to hunt to find the PURPLE FLOWER, When you find this flower, Buy it for the bigger sale price and then its yours.

TP – Spring Cleaning Event:

TP – [PC] Mainstore:

Don’t miss this opportunity, I hope you enjoy 🙂


New! [PC] Galldini – Planter Sets & AVANGARDE Exclusive

******* New Releases *******

[PC] Galldini – Planter Set – Various designs

(Please click to see full size image.)

▪ Marble column and planter with flowers.
▪ Incl. 3 different sizes.
▪ Li 4 each.
▪ 100% Mesh.

Available @ [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS Mainstore.


And also @ Marketplace:

(Please search by newest first.)


******* New Release *******

Exclusively for the AVANGARDE Event.

June 1st – 22nd.

[PC] Galldini – Planter Set (Red)

(Please click to see full size image.)

Available only at the event


I hope you enjoy! 🙂

New! Cozy Campfire – Scene for enMESHed Monthly June

******* New Release *******

Exclusively for enMeSHed Monthly, June.

[PC] Cozy Campfire – Scene

(Please click to see full size image.)

▪ Campfire with benches, pillows, lanterns, potted plant, grass, bushes, rocks and flowers.
▪ Sits up to 12 avatars, 10 female and male animations. Menudriven – adjustable if needed.
▪ Campfire menudriven – size, sound, smoke and volume adjustable.
▪ Li 17.
▪ 100% Mesh.

Copyable and modifyable.

(Scripts no mod.)

Available @ enMESHed Monthly Headquarters

Don’t miss it and enjoy! 🙂