New! [PC] Vintage Office Set for Hustle & Flow – Gacha Event

PIXEL CREATIONS proudly announces the participation in Hustle & Flow – Gacha Event.

All vendors have new & exclusive gachas (limited to event) for you.

April 4 – 25.

******* New & Exclusive *******

[PC] Chic Vintage – Gacha


The set has 2 rare and 12 common items for you to collect and consists of:

▪ Chic Vintage – Desk. Li 9. RARE

▪ Chic Vintage -Office Chair. 6 single sit animations – adjustable. Li3. RARE

▪ Chic Vintage -Stool V1. Li 2.

▪ Chic Vintage -Stool V2. Li 2.

▪ Chic Vintage -Desk Lamp V1. Light on/off. Li 2.

▪ Chic Vintage – Desk Lamp V2. Light on/off. Li 2.

▪ Chic Vintage -Print Set. Li 1.

▪ Chic Vintage -Storage Box V1. Li 3.

▪ Chic Vintage -Storage Box V2. Li 3.

▪ Chic Vintage -Rug V1. Li 1.

▪ Chic Vintage -Rug V2. Li 1.

▪ Chic Vintage -Shelves. Li 6.

▪ Chic Vintage -Plant V1. Li 2.

▪ Chic Vintage -Plant V2. Li 2.

All items are made of mesh with low land impact, and of course they are

modifiable and transferable.

Price: Only 50L per play.

Make sure to visit us @Hustle & Flow – Come try your luck!

TP to [PC] @Hustle & Flow:

For more info about the event please look here:

I hope you enjoy! 🙂


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