New Releases! PIXEL CREATIONS @The Promenade (Gacha & Gift)

PIXEL CREATIONS proudly announces the participation in The Promenade – Holiday Event (Gacha).

There are more than 30 vendors all specializing in holiday items.

December 7th – 21st.


This is my newest gacha – made especialy for The Promenade.

[PC] Christmas Retreat – Gacha


It has 2 rare and 14 common items for you to collect and consists of:

▪ Christmas Retreat – Cottage (Rare). Approx. 10×10 m, smoking chimney.
▪ Christmas Retreat – Fireplace w/menu control (Rare).
Adjust smoke, sound etc per menu.
▪ Christmas Retreat – Christmas Trees.
▪ Christmas Retreat – Stool w/ teddy.
▪ Christmas Retreat – Console table w/cloths.
▪ Christmas Retreat – Chair green.
4 sit animations for female and male. Adjustable – menudriven.
▪ Christmas Retreat – Chair red.
4 sit animations for female and male. Adjustable – menudriven.
▪ Christmas Retreat – Mirror w/decor.
Postcards costumizable – simply drop your own picture into center.
▪ Christmas Retreat – Gifts & Poinsettia.
▪ Christmas Retreat – Books & Cookies.
▪ Christmas Retreat – Wall shelves w/decor.
▪ Christmas Retreat – Firewood stack.
With winter boots and santa hat.
▪ Christmas Retreat – Rug
▪ Christmas Retreat – Table w/candle.
Touch candle on/off.
▪ Christmas Retreat – Lantern red.
Touch light on/off.
▪ Christmas Retreat – Lantern black
Touch light on/off.

Price: 50L per play.


Here is a matching little gift which you can grab for absolutely free – only during this event.

[PC] Candy Cane – Doormat w/present



Come visit us at the wonderful decorated Promenade.

Don’t miss your chance to grab these offers while they are here!

TP to The Promenade – landing point.

Direct Tp to The Promenade – PIXEL CREATIONS booth.

Enjoy & have a great time!

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