Hello everybody!

It has been quiet @[PC] for the last couple weeks, RL was needing my full attention. Now i am back and already diving into work ;), doing the best i can to offer you affordable quality low-prim-products for your home & garden.

The Mainstore has just moved to a new sim, ugghh moving in SL is not really more enjoyable than moving in RL hahaha. „iShout“ & „Niko’s Theater“ also moved to this new sim and soon we will be offering you homes & stores for rent. More infos will come shortly.

Well now let’s go straight to the point 😉

I am very happy to announce the [PC] RELOCATION CELEBRATION!!! Sales Event.

Till the end of september i will be offering you selected items for up to 75% off!!! The sale includes any kind of furniture, decorations & garden products. Items will vary, also they will change randomly back to the full price. So if you find something you like, you better get it while you’re at the store ;). Check back often, you may find something new.

Don’t miss these offers!!!

Watch out for the floaty red ballons to locate the sales items, inside and in the garden area. Currently there are more than 30 of them. They are not hidden, it’s not a hunt!

Also available @[PC] free gifts, other special prices (starting at only 5L$), promotional offers & more.

Click here for TP to [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS new Mainstore

Thank you for your attention,



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