Leisure Hunt – [PC]’s Gift Preview

[PC] PIXEL CREATIONS is participating in the Leisure Hunt, which started on last weekend.

What do you like to do in your free time? I can think of many things i like, but right now after all that work on the new sim i feel like just resting, getting comfortable and maybe delight carefree conversations with some friends. Does it sound good to you? If so, you will enjoy my hunt gift!

The [PC] Leisure-Time-Pillows are suitable for any room or place. They alow up to 3 avatars to chill at same time, at a ultra-low-prim cost – 3 pillows=2 prims in total!!! (incl. floor shadow). Further more this gift is totally FREEEE!!!

Have fun hunting & enjoy!

Click for TP to [PC] Mainstore


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