Summer isn’t over yet… @[PC] PIXEL CREATIONS

Invite your friends over for a pool party or just relax in the water. Don’t matter how you do it as long as you enjoy the last warm and sunny days of this summer.


The [PC] POOL FUN – SET is available in 6 different designs.

Each set consists of 6 different items:
❶ Air matress solid, non-rotating
➋ Air matress stripes, non-rotating
➌ Air matress solid, rotating
➍ Air matress stripes, rotating
❺ Inner tube stripes, non-rotating
❻ Inner tube stripes, rotating

Air matress – only 1 prim each!
Inner tube – only 2 prims each!

MENUDRIVEN & Easy to adjust if needed!
4 animations in each air matress
3 animations in each inner tube

(Note: Another color is available for FREE & only during the month of august, its an exclusive gift for the POOL PARTY! Hunt. )

These new sets are available on marketplace

and in the [PC] Mainstore.





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