Brand New!!! Lazy Shady – Sets @[PC] PIXEL CREATIONS

New Ultra Low Prim – Series [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS!!!

LAZY SHADY – Chairs w/umbrella is available in 4 different designs, each set has only 6 prims in total!!!

Suitable for beach, garden, patio and even looks great inside the house (in this case -of course- without the umbrella ;-))

Short description:

●Set consists of chairs w/6 animations for female, male & unisex – Umbrella w/floor shadow.

●Menudriven – easy to adjust if needed.

●All items are copyable & modifiable, also the chairs are not linked to the umbrella – so you may rearrange as you wish.



[PC] PIXEL CREATIONS group members get 50% discount on any of these new sets!!!!

Just wear your group tag – 50% of the price will be refunded immediately. Please note: there will be no later refunds if you purchase without active [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS group tag. If you’re in doubt how to use the vendors, please don’t hesitate to contact me before purchasing!

Not a group member yet? Copy and paste this link into your local chat – then click and hit join – it’s free!



Ok, time for some pictures!


Not all animation shown in the pictures. Please feel free to try out inworld.

Enjoy the summer!!!


Also available on marketplace, please see related items for all colors. Click here.



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