Defining Music Hunt

And the crazieness continues… Part III

What has music meant in your life?! This is what designers of SL will show you in this great and highly anticipated hunt… DEFINING MUSIC HUNT which starts today and runs through June 10th. The hunt’s cost is 5L$ each item. Please click here for more information about this hunt.

Music can mean many things and it is something very individual and personal. I think there is actually one thing that most people have in common when listening to it… Music is a retreat, a possibility to relax – to dream away, no matter what kind of sound is your favourite one… For a few moments music is able to take us away from our everyday lifes.

Thank you so much Daian R. for blogging my hunt item for the Defining Music Hunt!



Music is… My Retreat is my gift for this great hunt. The gazebo comes in a convinient Rez-Faux box and incl.everything you see in the picture. The curtains have texture change (5 different desings to choose from), the pillows have lay animations/poses (Multisit/Menudriven for up to 3 avatars). The set is fully sculpted, low prim – only 18 in total! It is copyable and most parts also modifiable.

HINT: “Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and lakes that, you’re used to… TLC”

TP to [PC] Mainstore

Have fun hunting & enjoy!!!







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